So you’ve decided this year is the year to buy a new home!  Maybe you’re getting tired of renting or you are looking to upgrade your current home.  Whatever your reason is understand this: you’re heading into a hot housing market and a pre-approved mortgage will help you succeed.

In a hot Real Estate market, it is the norm for quality homes to sell in days – not weeks or months. Time is of the essence when you find a home that you are interested in.  You cannot afford to wait to get Pre-approved before you make an offer.  By the time you get the Pre-approval the home may be sold.  As a result, it is critical you get Pre-approved for a mortgage or loan BEFORE you start looking. Insight Loans takes this process very seriously and will work toward getting you Pre-approved within hours of receiving the required documentation.

A Few Pieces of Info Needed for Your Mortgage to be Pre-Approved:

Here’s what you’ll need to provide to your Loan Officer:

  1. Most recent Bank or Investment Statement showing the down payment money.
  2. Most recent 2 years W2s for all borrowers.
  3. Most recent 30 days of Pay Stubs for all borrowers.
  4. If you are self-employed add in the last 2 years Federal Tax Returns.

Remember, a little bit of work up front will really pay off in the end.  You’ll know how much you can offer, and most importantly, you’ll have the pre-approval in the hands of your Realtor for when it is time to make an offer.

Insight Loans looks forward to showing you just how important it is to work with a superior Lender!  Contact your Insight Loans Loan Officer today to start the Preapproval process or email